Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Must love pigs!

I just realized it's been over a week since the kids were home and I haven't even posted the photos of our amazing granddaughter! It was absolutely the best weekend -- we celebrated niece Jessi's upcoming graduation (on the 27th) and Anna's birthday (on the 20th) -- and got to spend time with Kate (now 14 months and getting cuter all the time!) Kate had an entire family to show-out for -- and she did perform!

It's so much fun to see her laughing and running everywhere! She has this little stuffed pig they call "piggy" that she refuses to let go of. So I got up in the attic and found Casey's pig set that my sister Susan gave her when she was little. It's a mamma pig and three little piglets -- and I washed them and cleaned them up before their visit. Kate loved the pigs! She would bring me the bigger mamma pig and then try to carry all three piglets, all the while saying "Ph, ph, ph!"

Casey and John are bringing her up right -- she can't say CiCi or PawPaw -- but she can say "War Eagle" and "Auburn"! That's my girl!

Anna left on Monday for her mission trip to Africa with SERV Ministries. Prayers are appreciated -- and you can follow their trip and mission through SERV's blog. I got to talk to Anna today on the phone, and they are having an amazing time giving out food and ministering to the orphans. So proud of her and her dedication. I hope to one day join her on a mission trip.