Monday, March 30, 2009

In memory of my friend, Ann . . .

Tonight we lost our good friend Ann to cancer. She's been battling this disease for two years now, and lived much longer than the doctors originally thought. Tonight, although I'm sad to lose my friend, she is at Peace with the Lord -- and she's back with her beautiful daughter Jaime who was killed in a car accident her senior year and her husband Don who died two years after.

This family has been through so much this past year. Her brother Ken was diagnosed with kidney cancer; then her other brother Dane died from a heart attack; and Ken's daughter was killed in a car accident. I know she missed Dane so much -- they would have lunch together almost every day. She always thought she was the weak one -- but no one weak could have endured what Ann's been through.

Judy said tonight that she had out the photos of our trip to New York the other day and they were laughing about it. We had so much fun -- buying fake Rolexes and Doonie & Burke purses on the street. Ann and I were going to buy Judy a t-shirt that said "I've seen New York, now take me home!" We were walking down an alley past a parking garage, and Judy had on her trench coat with her trusty mace in her pocket . . . and the parking attendant said, "You got your gun in there?" We just laughed.

Since the three of us were rooming together, we had a room on the top floor with two double beds and a sofa bed. It was so hot in the room from the steam heat in a pipe that ran through the middle of our room, and our air conditioner didn't work. I called the desk about it, and they said, "Open the window." I thought, "Open the window? I'm in New York City! Someone will come in and kill us!" But we did. The next morning, there was the most horrible "garlic" smell coming through the window -- I wanted to gag. I think every Italian restaurant in NY was around our hotel, and it invaded every space! It was three years before I could eat garlic again.

And the hotel had the wierdest elevators -- it had a door to it on the floor, and if you opened the door before the elevator got there, there was just this big gaping hole to the bottom! One day we were in the elevator, and we asked someone to push our floor (don't remember what the number of the floor was, but it was the top one). Someone said, "Ooooh, the penthouse!" And Judy replied, "The roaches are just bigger up there!" (It wasn't the Marriott, that's for sure!)

Then Ann got locked "inside" our room and couldn't get the door to open! We always had problems with door locks when we went somewhere together! One time we were at the beach and us girls went down before the boys could come, and we went out on our balcony. Well, the sliding glass door shut and locked behind us. We couldn't get it open -- we were stuck on the 3rd floor balcony -- and the only people at the pool down below was a couple making out on a deck chair! Finally, a security guard was walking by, and Judy hollered, "Hey!" He looked up and stuck his finger to his mouth and said, "Shhhhhh." And Judy replied, "Don't tell me to shush, we're locked out of our room!" They didn't believe us, but thank goodness we hadn't put the chain on the door yet! They finally believed us when they saw the door and had to change the lock. But the guys had a good time with that when they got to the beach!

Another time we went to the beach in Destin and didn't have reservations. We stopped at a condo to ask if they had any rooms available. The lady said, "You know this is a C-O-N-D-O-M-I-N-I-U-M?" And we thought, "Well, duh! Do you have any rooms?" Every time afterwards, we'd always say to each other, "You know this is a condominium!"

Yep, we had some really good times in with the rotten bad times. We're glad we got our friend back after several years of the creep boyfriend who tried to turn her against her friends. We didn't get our chance to have another dinner out -- but the one we had a couple of months ago, we had a great time! We laughed like old times and enjoyed each other's company -- just what girlfriends are supposed to do.

It's tough to lose friends -- first Don, then Joel, and now Ann -- and family, like my sister Susan. But we don't forget them and what they've meant to us. And we know, like family we've lost, that one day we our time is up here on earth we'll get to rejoice with them in Heaven! Along with Todd, Lynn, Clay and Amanda -- we're going to miss you, Ann, but you're at peace now -- and you're whole and well with no more spots on your head! We'll always love you!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm growing fins!

Wow -- I can't tell you how much rain we've had in the last 24 hours because the rain gauge overflowed! But I haven't seen it like this since Tropical Storm Alberto in July 1994! No fish crossing the road like it did in '94, but Hwy. 52 west of Hartford was flooded in several places and also at the swamp on County Rd. 55. Water was backing up about half-way up our front yard -- and we had a really big Loggerhead Turtle hanging out in the back yard!

Since the septic tank is water-logged, we made a trip to town for a bathroom break, and I took some photos and video! You could jet ski on the baseball field if you wanted to -- and Brian's Texaco had water up to their gas pumps. Hopefully we're past the worst now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The cows' day out!

Stacy is on spring break this week -- so yesterday he had big plans to go fishing with brother Greg. I had Civic Club during lunch, and when I returned to the office, I had a nice little message on my voice mail from the sheriff's department that we had cows out -- or they thought they were our cows.

So I called Stacy, and he had gotten the call too and they were on their way home -- so I didn't have to go round up the cows!

Stacy said the ones that got out were the calves that live in the enclosed pen and barn next to the house -- and they had somehow worked the chain off the gate in the barn and escaped!

They had a merry old time in our yard -- knocked over my birdbath and broke it -- stepped on one of the solar lights around the flower bed -- broke limbs off the wax myrtles at the end of the house -- and Stacy tracked them down back in a field down the road. He said when he got to them on the four-wheeler, they looked at him and started walking back toward the house. They just walked back in the yard and back into the barn on their own.

Guess they found out the grass wasn't "greener on the other side" and they actually had it pretty good with someone providing them grain and hay instead of having to track down their own food! They had fun on their day out -- but at the end of the day -- they realized they had it pretty good on the farm! Some of the cows in the barn didn't even leave -- they already knew they had it pretty good and didn't want to mess that up!

Kind of reminds me of politics. Be careful what you wish for -- you may end up with something you don't want out there and didn't realize it was really pretty good before!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Help! I've got technology overload!

Just when I think I know what I'm doing with all this Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Blogger technology -- I get put in my place! I tried to change my blog template the other night to one I was attempting to download different from Blogger's standard templates. Well, after copying and pasting the Html for the template -- I had NOTHING on my blog. I freaked out. Thank goodness for Blogger saving things and I got my good old Cary's Cafe back on. I may try again, because I found some really cute templates out there, but I'm going to wait until I get some "daughters" assistance!!

I've been working like crazy trying to get everything caught up before my surgery next week -- a hysterectomy and bladder repair on Wed., April 1. What a day to have surgery! April Fools Day! If I could just talk them into doing a "tummy tuck" while they're in there -- now that would be great!

I watched an Anita Renfroe video -- "It's probably just my thyroid" -- last night that co-worker Janet lent me -- and she is so funny! She's the one who did the "Mom Song" (she did the original, this video on YouTube is someone else, but you'll have visions of your mother). In this video she sings some, talks about blaming everything we (women) go through on our thyroid, talks about "Creative Memories" cults, and lots in between. Plus she brings a Christian message through comedy -- which I love! I know God has a sense of humor -- he made me!! And she talks about women mentors -- which my Scattering Seeds group is beginning a program on. If you get a chance to see her, go for it -- or buy her video!

Tonight was board meeting for Wiregrass Electric, which some of us stay for the beginning of. During dinner, we were talking to Greg McCullough, our board member from Samson, who was injured in the Geneva County shooting on March 10 in Samson. He was at the Big Little store filling up his truck with gas when the shooter pulled in. The guy tried to kill Greg, shot his truck, and shot that poor woman in the back four times and she fell at Greg's feet. He was injured from some schrapnel from a bullet and saw the shooter's face as he laughed chasing people down with his souped up gun and truck. Please be in prayer for Greg and the others who were affected by this deranged shooter. He is dealing with alot of issues as he faced his mortality and the deaths of friends. View video of interview with CBS.

You never know how you will deal with a situation like that until you're faced with it. Greg said the national media were so obnoxious and rude and unsympathetic of those who lost family members -- just to get a story. And we can't find comfort in our cozy little hamlets any more where we felt safe in our small town -- the big bad world has intruded with its anger and hatred. If it can happen here -- it can happen anywhere. And all because of one guy who had visions of glory in killing as many people as he could -- even his own mother. There is just no way to figure that one out.

On a happier note, on March 17, I had the Youth Tour banquet for the eleven students WEC sponsored to Montgomery (and Janet, Tammie and I chaperoned), their parents and WEC board members. What a great group of young people (all high school juniors) -- I just can't say enough about what a fine group this was. The judges who interviewed the students to pick the two who will get to go to Washington, DC, this June said we had an amazing group and they had a hard time picking the two. So the world is not lost . . . and what we hear in the news are just a few . . . and the majority of kids and adults are just good honest people living good lives and helping our communities! (Check out our Youth Tour page!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to work!

What a fun week -- but tiring -- helping Casey and John with baby Kate! Here are my latest photos . . .

It was hard to leave that precious little bundle -- so sweet when she would cuddle in my arms! And how much she will change before I get to see her again. She is having fun with her Nanna this week (John's mother Kaye is helping out this week).

Getting back to work -- and catching up after being out for a week -- is always a chore. Had a Relay for Life meeting tonight at 5:30 and I have Youth Tour interviews and banquet tomorrow night. We'll pick the two who will get to go to Washington, DC, and give certificates and gifts to all the kids who went to Montgomery.

Speaking of Relay For Life! If anyone is interested in participating in Relay but you don't have anyone at your work that will be a team captain -- or if you don't have enough to have a team -- you can join Wiregrass Electric's team or Hartford HealthCare's team. You don't have to be an employee. Contact Rebecca Waters at WEC at We'd love to have you. We cook and eat -- we walk -- and we just enjoy each other's company the night of Relay. You don't have to stay all night! Geneva County's event is June 12 at the rec park in Geneva.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kate Report

I am so enjoying my stay with Kate . . . and Casey and John too! It will be hard to go home on Sunday after being able to hold my precious granddaughter every day. Stacy is bringing Casey's baby book up tomorrow when he comes back, and they can see how much Kate resembles Casey's newborn photos, especially the one taken at the hospital when she went home. She had her little fists balled up by her cheeks just like Kate!

Kate can make some of the cutest faces . . . just before her mouth screws up and she screams! Her eyes are dark like John's and big and round. She'll just look at me like, "I know you!" And it's so hard to see her cry when her little tummy hurts . . . and so great when I can calm her and get her to sleep. She definitely doesn't like wet diapers . . . or getting her diaper changed. I need to buy stock in Pampers -- she goes through about 50 diapers a day!

Their black lab, Cherokee, really likes her but gets jealous. I think he's about decided she's not going away, and he's whined the last couple of days and wants to jump in your lap when you're holding her! He's too big to hold anyway. He's started thinking his name is "Cherokee No!" They will be really cute together when she gets bigger and can climb all over him!

Here are my latest photos . . . tomorrow we're going to make some with Casey's lights and set up. I'll add them later!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Visiting baby Kate!

Here is a photo from Kate's first photo shoot --by mom Casey! I'm spending the week with Casey, John and baby Kate -- and it's wonderful to get to hold and hug my little granddaughter! I took over the night shift last night, and Casey and John were very glad to get a good night's sleep -- the first they've had since getting home from the hospital! John told me this morning I could move in! Kate is precious and has had her bouts with cholic but did better last night. We brought the great grandmas up with us, and Stacy will come back next weekend and pick me up. Then Anna came this afternoon from Atlanta, so John is stuck with four females in the house! It should be fun!

Last week I chaperoned eleven students to Montgomery for Youth Tour with Janet and Tammie. There were over 100 juniors from all over the state representing electric cooperatives and most of our kids had a good time. Our group was great, but we had to stay up until 11 pm to do bed checks -- and all that walking 5 flights of stairs at the House of Representatives and 5 flights of stairs at the Supreme Court just about did me in! One night they had a riverboat cruise on the Alabama River for the maiden voyage of the Harlott II and the next night galaxy bowling. I haven't bowled in years, and I'm hopeless. At least I was consistent -- mostly gutter balls and one strike! Here are Janet, Tammie and me at the bowling alley. Thanks Janet & Tammie -- you were great as chaperones and a big help to me.
Just found out today that Janet is going to be a grandma also! Her daughter Hannah is pregnant -- and has the flu. Hope all goes well for her this time.
We had one student who wanted to go home the last night at midnight, but I wasn't taking her home (2 hours away) and I was pretty sure her parents didn't want to drive up to get her! She finally got over it, but you'd think a high school junior would be more mature! Ah, what I won't do for the job! But I do love it and spending time with the kids! We'll pick the two who get to go to Youth Tour to Washington DC on March 17. Gotta plan their banquet this week while I'm up here in Madison.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a week!

Boy, what a week! We had board meeting on Mon. night, a grandbaby on Tues., I judged a youth tour competition on Thurs., attended the Ad Club Addy Banquet on Fri. and we had a Mentor Coffee at church this afternoon! Thank goodness I had yesterday to sleep in a little and catch up on laundry and getting our tax stuff together!

I was excited to win a Silver Addy for the Co-op's bill inserts at the banquet. It was alot of fun -- Las Vegas Addy Style -- complete with dancers, Frank Sinatra and Elvis!

This week promises to be another busy one -- Janet, Tammie and I leave Tues. for Montgomery with the Co-op Youth Tour kids -- we're taking 11 this year! Then Sat. we're taking the great-grandmas up to visit their new great-granddaughter and I'll stay for a week to help Casey and John out. I'm sure I'll get in plenty of hugging on my new grandbaby Kate! I keep looking at her pictures . . . and I'm still amazed! Casey is still sore from the surgery . . . and Kate isn't sleeping at night too well. But I'm sure they'll all get in sinc soon!