Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Call me CiCi . . . or "Crip"

My ankle/leg has been hurting for at least six weeks now -- I've limped all over Alaska -- and everywhere else. Had x-rays done before our trip which didn't show anything. Well, today I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, more x-rays . . . and I have a stress fracture in the lower part of my leg. Woopee! Now I'm in a "boot" for six weeks. At least now I know what's wrong -- and that it's really something and not just arthritis. Don't know how it happened. I didn't fall, didn't twist it. Who knows. The boot actually helps it to feel better; it's just a pain to take off to drive (it's my right leg) and then put back on. Anyway, now I'm a crip for a few more weeks, but hopefully it will heal and I'll be good as new again!

Tonight we Skyped with Casey and Kate -- and Kate said our names for the first time! We were so excited! You'd have thought she quoted from Shakespeare or something! CiCi and PawPaw -- what wonderful words from a 16-month-old! Almost as good as the first time my kids called me "mama"!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anna in Africa

While Stacy and I were having a good time cruising Alaska, our daughter Anna was travelling for a different reason . . . on a mission trip to Africa with SERV Ministries in Atlanta.

On her blog, Anna wrote on June 8, "As most of you know I have been in Africa on a mission trip for the past two weeks with SERV Ministries International. I will try here to briefly, somehow give you a vision of what we did and saw. If you would like to read more about our time there, check out the postings on SERVs blog while we were there." Read about her trip on her blog.

You can also read about their travels and mission work on SERV Ministries blog. It's humbling to read about the basic needs of the people in Kenya, and what we take for granted here in the U.S. And Anna said they were truly happy for what they receive and the blessings that God gives them. She said one lady who was poor and hungry passed up meals so they could be given to her neighbors. That is sacrifice. Thanks to SERV Ministries, Anna and the rest of the team that served the people in Kenya.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Last Frontier . . . By Boat

Alaska was so cool . . . in more ways than one! The scenery is beautiful . . . snow-topped mountains, georgeous waterfalls, green everywhere . . . whales, seals and bald eagles everywhere! We had a fantastic time, but were glad to get home . . . except the temperature! It was in the 60s and 70s during the day and 50s at night! Perfect!

We got to Seattle in time to take a half-day tour the day before our cruise ship set sail. Our 3-hour tour with All Seattle Tours was great with our tour guide Joe giving a great narrative with all the sites -- he was funny too. It's a very interesting city -- funky and arty. I got to see the Fish Market and the oldest Starbucks and the Sleepless In Seattle house!

So we boarded the Carnival Spirit on June 1 for the trip up to Skagway and then back down to Juneau and Ketchikan. It's the 7-day Alaksa Cruise, and it's some beautiful country -- and the ship is beautiful. I highly recommend upgrading to a balcony room -- it's worth the extra money and you get to wake up to beautiful views! We were supposed to end at Victoria, British Columbia, but weren't able to dock because of wind (they said). That was a bit disappointing -- I was looking forward to seeing the gardens there -- but hey, they did give us an $11 refund! I was expecting at least a free drink!

Jeremy Lee at Wiregrass Travel booked our cruise for us -- and I HIGHLY recommend consulting him for any cruise or travel you're interested in! He helped with our sighseeing excursions at the cities we docked at, recommending Shore Trips which was less expensive than Carnival's side trips. At our first stop in Skagway, we did the Whitepass Rail and Summit tour up into the mountains on a train and back down by bus. In Juneau, we took the Mendenhall Glacier tour; and in Ketchikan we did the Ketchikan City and Saxman Totem Village Tour. All in all, a great time! Now, where do we go next? Hmmmmmm.....