Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kate has arrived!

Stacy and I are grandparents! And what a blessing from God she is! Of course, we think she's the most beautiful baby ever -- and we are just so happy that Casey and Kate are healthy!

Casey went into labor Tues., Feb. 24, and called us about 7 a.m. that they were at the hospital and they were keeping her. So we packed our bags and hit the road (5 1/2 hours from Huntsville) -- talking back and forth to Casey, John and Anna, who was on her way from Atlanta (just 3 hours away). After her second episode with 8-minute-long contractions that dropped Kate's heart rate, the doctors decided to do a c-section. Anna arrived before everyone -- then John's parents Kaye and Mitchell arrived just before Casey went into the operating room -- and we arrived about 30 minutes after Kate was born. Anna had already taken about 100 photos by the time we got there, and Kate was in the nursery getting checked out and cleaned up -- and Casey was in recovery.

Kate weighed 6 lbs. 11 oz. and was 19-1/2 inches long. Her full name is Katherine Lee.

We left late this afternoon and just got home -- and I had to put this up on my blog with photos. Anna is staying until tomorrow, and hopefully Casey can get some rest before she goes home on Fri. I'll go back up next week to help out after they've settled into a routine.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Wonderful World

Another busy weekend with the Geneva County Calf Show yesterday. Since there were only seven steers in the competition, they held all events on Saturday only -- usually it's showmanship on Fri. night and heifer and steer shows on Sat. I helped out with the sound system from WEC and worked the computer for record-keeping again. Guess that's my job as long as Stacy is involved.

Stacy only had two students showing this year, our niece Jessi and Brooke. Brooke won Grand Champion and Jessi had Reserve Champion -- yea for Hartford FFA!! And, since Brooke's wasn't a native steer, Jessi won the Native Champion -- good prize money! It was a good day and not too chilly, if they kept the barn door closed.

This morning I had nursery duty during church and got to rock babies -- practicing up for Kate! I cannot wait to rock baby Kate! Could be any time during the next week, so we're on pins and needles waiting for the call! We just pray all goes well and that Casey doesn't have too long of a labor -- just let us get there!

Trying to get our tax info together for income tax. I'm not sure why we have to pay since we have a Secretary of the Treasury who forgot. But being the good citizens that we are -- and I don't really want Kate having her grandparents in jail -- we'll file. I think we've still got to work until May before we're actually working for ourselves. The first five months are on the government. Sad thought, isn't it?

I found out today my Kindle is on it's way to my home compliments of UPS! Can't wait to check it out and start ordering books for it! The girls gave me Amazon gift certificates for Christmas, so I'm ready to start shopping!

And to round out my Sunday evening, here's a YouTube of my very most favorite song in the whole world -- "Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong -- with some good video to go along with it. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch out . . . I'm on the WebCam!

I've received my new WebCam and managed to install it all by myself . . . and I have no one to talk to. Seems both of the girls are off-line tonight! Oh well, I'm ready when they are! I ordered the model recommended by Casey -- it's a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 -- from B&H Photo website. Very easy to install and quick set up. No problems coordinating with the Skype software that lets me make free video calls!

I'm so ready for my Kindle from Amazon to arrive (it was my Christmas present, which was backordered). I've managed to read all my Christmas present books and don't want to purchase any more until I can do it through my Kindle. Come on Amazon . . . Looking at their website, they've just come out with a Kindle 2, and it seems I will be upgraded automatically to this version when mine is ready to ship.

Looking for authors of books I might like, I found some of Jennifer Crusie's that I haven't read yet, so I'm making my list. I've added Jennifer's blog to my list, as well as her website. I'm still checking out suggestions from Amazon. It's a little bit "big brother" that they save all that info about you so they can guess what else they have in stock that you might like -- nice marketing tool, actually -- but kind of creepy.

The managers (this includes me) at work are participating in a "leadership workshop" on a book by Mark Sanborn called "The Fred Factor." This is to make us "excellent" at our jobs. The book is pretty good, but since I'm basically already a "Fred," I wonder if sometimes I go too far with the Fred thing. I missed our first meeting because that was the day I pulled the muscle in my back. Next session is tomorrow, so we'll see how it goes! Free lunch, anyway!

And finally, I'm uploading the photos I made at Cheri's shower Sunday. She is so cute pregnant -- kind of like Casey, and just a baby-bump out front! She's due exactly one week after Casey . . . little Brady! Time is getting close now, and I live in anticipation each day thinking, "Will this be it?" Starla made the diaper cake centerpiece for the table that was so cute -- and so much work, I'm sure. Great gift for mother-to-be after the shower, also -- all the diapers are still usable!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Growing up in the 60's

Enough of my ranting and ravings . . . I'm back to being a kinder, gentler Cary now. I watched American Idol tonight -- which I've never watched a whole season of before, that's just how bad a choice there is on TV now -- and I mellowed out with the music. Several were very good -- several were very bad. I never vote -- except for Design Star and Dancing with the Stars!

I've been watching Gretta VanSistern's interview with Sara Palin's daughter about her unwed pregnancy, and she's very mature for her age. Of course, being a mother will do that for you -- mature you in a hurry. She was discussing how they told her parents that she was pregnant. The boy just sat there on the sofa, and she was crying, and her friend just blurted it out.

But it got me to thinking about when I was in high school in Germantown, TN, and my next door neighbor found herself in the family way. They moved in next door when I was in about 8th grade maybe, and they had four kids. Ernie was much older than us, Gordon was a senior and had a band that practiced in their carport (which we all though was just too "groovy"), Gloria was older than me by a couple of years and David was my age and we became best friends. They had a great basement that the whole crowd from Germantown Heights hung out in listening to music and watching one of the three TV stations we could pick up then (not counting PBS, which didn't count if you were a teenager)!

David's dad was a retired Colonel (very strict, but a push-over for us neighborhood girls) and his mom was from England. The night Gloria and Rob told her parents they were pregnant, David and I were hiding in the kitchen listening to the whole scene. I wouldn't take a million dollars to be Gloria at that point! They ended up getting married, had a cute kid, Rob became a permanent college student (I don't know how many degrees he ended up with, but I never knew him to have a real job), and then they got divorced and Gloria became a stripper! I didn't say they were a normal family -- but they were fun to live next door to!

It was a great neighborhood to grow up in, really. We had a good crowd of kids our age that hung out playing football after school and hanging out in the little park. We had the few "wierdos" in the neighborhood that we were afraid to go near their houses. I went back in 2002 when I had my last class reunion and drove through the neighborhood -- it all seemed smaller then. Most of my old friends had moved on to other places, just a few of my mom's friends left in the neighborhood. We've all grown apart -- and I moved the farthest away. It's no longer home. And that's a wierd feeling, to not have a "home" to go back to visit.

Not like in Hartford -- when my kids come home to visit, everything is much the same as when they were growing up. Most of their friends' parents still live here -- and many of their friends too. I know they think of it as being too small-town, but it's actually quite comforting. This will always be home and a safe haven for them if they need it -- or to visit for a couple of days.

Monday, February 16, 2009

World gone mad!

I do believe I am getting old . . . I've not just turned into my mother . . . but I've turned into my grandparents! The world is really and truly going to pot. And I worry about my granddaughter to be Kate having to live in this world -- well, I worry about my kids having to live in it too!

A crazy doctor implants 8 fertilized eggs in a crazy woman with no husband who has no job and lives with her bankrupted parents -- and I forgot to mention she has 6 other kids at hom. How is this possible? Invitro is expensive. I know people who have so desired to be parents that they have mortgaged their homes to try to become parents -- and it didn't work. And this crazy woman has 8 children she has no way to take care of -- except to try to sell her story and get a show on TV. Because it's obvious this is what she was after -- a nice little TV contract. Their hospital bills are going to be astronomic! And who is going to foot that bill? One guess -- me and you and other hard-working taxpayers, that's who! Yep, I'm getting old!

A 13-year-old boy has become a father -- the mother is 14 -- and they're selling their story to the wierd-hungry media. Where are their parents? Yep, I'm getting old!

Our government is selling us out to the tune of a trillion dollars -- I can't even imagine a trillion, much less write it. If they want to stimulate the economy and employ the unemployed -- they should start work programs like the WPA of the 30's -- not just hand out millions to each politician with his hand out. Yep, I'm getting old!

And there's nothing to watch on TV except American Idol and stupid reality shows about shallow people who have nothing better to do than spend thousands of dollars on shopping sprees and have a fit because their hair color is not quite right! At least get me a new Project Runway and Design Star going before I lose it completely! Yep, I'm getting old!

I had a doctor's appointment today, and when he came into the exam room (he was young, probably late 30's) with an even younger nurse (she was young 20's), they were discussing Rod Stewart. The young nurse didn't know who Rod Stewart was. Yep, I'm getting old.

And this final piece from Glenn Beck -- it's an old one but I just got it yesterday. A wonderful woman named Irena who saved 2500 children from the Holocost, was captured herself, beaten, escaped and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Guess who beat her out for this prize?

Yes, that's good old Al. I'm sure his sister state to the north, Kentucky, is worried about global warming right now -- while they're still trying to get the electricity back on from the Jan. ice storm! It's called the "Gore Effect" -- every time Al speaks, the temperature drops 10 degrees!

Say good night, Gracie! (If you're not old like me, you won't understand this!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A virus is no fun

So, I've been sick since noon yesterday with this 24-hour virus going around . . . just about everybody I know has had it, so I guess it's my turn. But it's left me feeling weak and lightheaded and I have no energy.

My brother Walker sent me a photo of their Boy Scout Troop's 50th anniversary last weekend in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Walker has been a Scout Master for several years and his youngest Graham recently completed his Eagle Scout. So Walker (third from left) and both his boys, Charles (second from left) and Graham (fifth from left), are Eagles! This is quite an accomplishment these days, and I'm very proud for them. He says they recognized all Eagle Scouts to stand. Can see more at Go photo gallery from Spartanburg-Herald Journal newspaper. Joe Mullinax, Hatcher Garden Director, is standing back left. (I think it's quite unusual that they have a "Hatcher Garden" there and the boys did their Eagle project there!)

And Casey says her doctor's appointment went well today. She has dialated to 2 cm, so guess we're just waiting for Kate to decide to make her appearance! Brooke (Justice) Smith had her baby boy Brody on Monday -- amid her whole family having the virus too. Glad I got mine over before Kate gets here!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Reading material

Well, I've breezed through all my Jennifer Cruise novels that I received for Christmas, and now I'm on to some I picked up in the "clearance rack" at Barnes & Noble. The book I'm reading now is "The Birth of Venus" by Sarah Dunant, and it's one of those books that you're not sure you like but you keep on reading just in case it gets better. It's very odd, and sometimes dark (which I definitely don't like) set in the Italian Renaissance. I'm almost half way through, so I guess I'll finish it, but I won't be passing it on to my mom. I can't wait for my Christmas present to get here -- my Kindle electronic book!!!

My life keeps being invaded by new technology -- both at work and at home! Since my girls got me started on this blog, I've become the blogging queen -- started blogs for my mission group Scattering Seeds, the Sister Cities program, the Civic Club and the Winston Howell Race -- and now Anna has hooked us on to Skype! It's going to be so great, though, once Kate gets here and I can see her on the web-cam -- every day!!!

Now I've got to order myself a web-cam so Kate won't forget us between visits! But, sometimes I just don't want people to see me when I'm talking to them! I get in my casual, comfy clothes when I get home from work -- and they aren't stylish! But, I'm getting the web-cam. Casey recommended one from B&H Photo, a great website to get good deals on cameras and equipment. So, I'm off to order my next technology gizmo! See ya later!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a pizza night!

Wow -- this week has been so busy. That's what I get for laying out some last week, even if I was indisposed! I've been getting my magazine ready for deadline Friday plus about a thousand press releases -- our new Dothan office opened Monday and we're expecting peak loads from the cold the next three days. Then we had a Relay For Life meeting at our office at 5:30. So, it was unhealthy pizza for dinner -- but oh, how I love Subway's pizzas. And they finally got the pizza oven fixed!

My mom and I went to an antique show Saturday for her to get a Rookwood statue appraised. My friend from Ad Club, Kerry, took some photos that I'm posting. Kerry works at The Main Event -- she's an event planner -- and she was responsible for the antique show (which benefitted the Red Cross).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Super Bowl for Me!

I was looking forward to watching the TV commercials during the Super Bowl tonight -- I really don't care about watching the football game, but I do love the commercials. I watched a show last night about the best Superbowl commercials over the past 30 years, and they were so funny. I still think the Budweiser commercials were some of the funniest -- and I love the E-Trade commercials with the talking kid. I even had my 3-D glasses ready for the halftime show. And low, and behold, the game was on NBC, the only local channel I can't get in my DirecTV package. Evidently NBC doesn't want me watching their station because they won't work with DirecTV to get in our locals package. Oh well, more their loss than mine!

So instead I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" again for the umpteenth time! Love that movie! And decided to blog a little and catch up on emails.

After one of the presidential debates, I checked out McCain's "Citizens Against Government Waste" website which has a "porker of the month" and you can find out just how many ways the government is wasting our tax dollars. They also give you the opportunity to email your senators to vote no on the economic stimulus bill this week (the legislature has already approved it). It may not change their minds, but I made me feel better to sound off -- and they have a staple message you can use or change up. So, go here and let them know how you feel!