Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Footprints In The Sand

Every year for one certain conference I get to attend, the girls and I make it the "Girls' Conference." And Stacy isn't allowed! The first year we went, it was only me and Casey because Anna was working. Now that Anna can work from almost anywhere, she is able to go. We didn't get to go last year -- which disappointed the girls tremendously! And this year we added our newest girl, Kate!

What fun to spend three days with my favorite girls! They get to have fun while I'm in meetings during the day, and then we get to eat some great seafood and shop at the outlets in the evenings. And I sure did feel good when they told me Kate asked for CiCi when she woke up!

Kate loves the sand -- but this time she kept saying, "Ocean get you." We tried to tell her it wouldn't, but it was in her head and we don't know where she got that from!

When we got home Friday, they wanted to visit the Peanut Festival. The only way we could get Stacy to go was to tell him Kate wanted PawPaw to take her! She had to sit on every tractor there -- and of course PawPaw was happy to accommodate her! I told her to tell him she wanted a Gator!

And she loved all the animals. We fed and laughed at the goats and chickens -- ate corn dogs, elephant ears and roasted corn (my fav) -- watched the tiger show -- and waved at the big Peanut! She kept wanting to go back and see the peanut!

We ended the visit with a birthday party for Casey with MawMaw, Nanny and Jessi -- and it tugged at my heart as Kate waved to us when they drove out. At least we'll get to see them all again in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving!