Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fish Fry Weekend!

It's been a beautiful, fun weekend so far! It was so nice to wake up slowly this morning and not have to rush off to a meeting or work!

We had a Scattering Seeds mentor luncheon this morning. About 30 of us went to Highland Oaks for a lunch. My mentee couldn't go, but I picked up Lynn and we went along with the group! Then tonight we had a fish fry at MawMaw's with Greg and Jessi, and Gary and Carolyn (who are in town from Trussville for the weekend). Great to see them and Jessi again. Got to see Jessi's senior portraits -- very good, of course -- she's a beautiful subject! She's enjoying her senior year.

We get to see baby Kate next weekend at Auburn's first game! Maybe I need to stay with Kate while everyone goes to the game!!! Wouldn't that be nice of me? She's sitting up all by herself now! Here are some of the latest photos Casey took of her for her 6 month story board!
Check out what Casey's been photographing lately -- in addition to Kate on her website.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mouth of the South

Every year, the American Advertising Federation 7th District has a very important competition in July called "Mouth of the South." Actually, it's a "lip-sinc" competition that they take very seriously. The teams spend a lot of time selecting songs, choreographing, costuming . . . keeping each AAF club's songs and plans a secret until the night of competition.

Dothan's AAF club entered the competition for the first time last year, but we didn't place. So this year, we enlisted the assistance of choreographer extraordinaire Ron DeVane to help us with our skit with a 1974 theme. As this year's president of AAF-Dothan, I felt it was my duty and obligation to assist my team of board members Kerry Farrell, Gina Burdeshaw and Patrick Liester in our quest for that elusive trophy. Competition's tough! Some teams have 15 or more members and are much larger than our club.

But this year, we brought home 3rd place! That was from 11 teams that entered! We were very proud of ourselves and had a lot of fun in the process with practices! Kerry and I braved tickly mustaches, twirling nightsticks and having to walk through the hotel lobby wearing police gear -- but that's nothing to what Patrick and Gina had to do with Gina dressed as a teenager and Patrick as a 70's lounge act with a "fro"! But our selfless obligation to upholding AAF-Dothan's honor was a success!
Thanks to everyone who helped! We may look ridiculous -- but it was so much fun!
But it all wasn't just fun and games! We also attended many meetings and workshops that will help us to benefit our club -- and got to meet "Scott the Nametag Guy" (that's Scott in the middle) who spoke to the group about branding. I would say all around it was a good weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Anna's Family Weekend

Anna and Zach spent the weekend in Huntsville with John, Casey & Kate! She says they had a blast, and she's posted the photos on her All Things Design blog. Kate laughs and giggles now, she is so cute and funny! I'm jealous! It will be Labor Day weekend before we get to see her again at Auburn's first ball game. Can't wait to see her decked out in her Auburn gear!

Friday, August 14, 2009

My girls' weekend in Buckhead

It's seemed like a long week at work, even though I took Monday off! I spent a wonderful extended weekend with Anna last weekend -- just us girls! We got to see Casey, John and Kate when they stopped in on their way to a friend's wedding in Warner Robbins. Anna was thrilled to see how much Kate has grown and interacts now! Then Anna and I saw the movie Julie and Julia Fri. nite -- a great movie. It was fun to find out about Julia Childs' life since I can remember her on TV -- as the "first Food Network Star"! Meryl Streep can play any part, I've decided! She was so good.

Then on Sat. we took a Calligraphy class at Paper-Source at Virginia Highlands in Atlanta. I didn't do too bad, but we found out it takes a lot of patience (I like to do things fast and get them done) and practice (where's the time?)! We had fun and feel like we can try it on a few things now -- maybe not professionally, but for fun! That store is wonderful! I bought some plain cards to try my new embosser tool on -- Anna had just got one and it's really neat!

We ate lunch at the Swan Coach House -- a beautiful tea room restaurant at the Atlanta History Center. I had the chicken salad and shrimp salad -- delicious. But I should have worn my hat, dahlin'!

We had fun shopping and eating. Anna lives in a house with three other girls -- soon to be two if you know someone looking for a place to live in Atlanta -- and we destroyed the connections to their big TV trying to hook up her roomie's DVD player to watch Ballet Shoes. Never did get it to work -- Zach is going to have to fix it! I'm usually pretty good with connecting cords, but this one beat me! So we watched Ballet Shoes (great movie - watch it!) and Twilight (I don't get the obsession with this one, but everyone loves it, I laughed through most of it!) Anna and her roommate Ansley - and Tiffany at work - are obsessed with that movie.

And then on Sun. Anna took me to Scott Antique Market -- and I was in antique heaven! It is absolutely huge and filled with wonderful jewelry and furniture and things you won't see anywhere else. We talked to a guy who handmade beautiful tables with unusual metal legs. I can't wait to go back -- hopefully before Christmas!

We had a great weekend -- maybe next time Casey and Kate can join us! Casey, John and Kate stopped by MawMaw's on Wed. on their way home from the beach. Nanny came over too, so the great-grandmas got to see Kate -- and me too! I just can't get enough of her!

And now Anna has offered her talents on Etsy's website. It's a neat place where people can sell unique items they make and produce. Her Whatever Is Loveley site: "Present in style with Whatever Is Lovely Prints, a noble stationery and design company by Anna Hatcher Design, llc. I’m Anna and my goal is to create a praiseworthy and stress-free design process that has an end result that you will not only love but will present you or your event with style!" So if you need anything designed or printed, check out her Etsy site or her All Things Design blog.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kate is growing up!

I'm late - I know I'm late with posting my photos from the weekend visiting with baby Kate. Although my photos aren't "professional" -- she squirms a lot, so some are blurry -- she's just too cute and we love her! Enjoy!

As Stacy said, "She's on full feed now!" No, she's not fat! But she sure has filled out! She's now eating cereal and applesauce and some squash her mom Casey made with her other "mom friends." I remember doing that when the girls were babies. I smushed up sweet potatoes and other vegetables and froze them in ice cube trays. (Do they still make ice cube trays?)

Kate interacts more now and smiles and makes cute little baby noises! But when she gets hungry -- you better feed her! I was trying to stick to Casey's schedule when we baby sat, until Stacy said, "Fix that girl a bottle!" as she was screaming!

Her Pawpaw is so funny with her -- they spent a good bit of time outside on the porch "having a moment," as Stacy said! Until she had a poopy diaper, then he held her like a sack of potatoes and hollered, "Someone get her!" Oh, it's funny! Can't wait to see her again -- and see how much she changes!