Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!

It's hard to believe it's 2012! It seems like yesterday that we celebrated 2000 and were worried about Y2K and all the computers failing.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Casey, John and Kate coming down the day after -- and then having Christmas with all the Hatchers that night -- except Anna and Zach who couldn't make the trip from California (but they did come for Thanksgiving). Kate was so much fun watching her open her presents and get excited!

It's been a great year with a lot of travel for me! Stacy and I started out the year with a trip to Arizona to the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon (which Auburn won)! Got to see a bit of Arizona around Phoenix and enjoy a great, nail-biting game!

We initiated Stacy's new barn with Kate's second birthday party and MawMaw's 80th birthday party! It's been convenient for FFA parties too -- except for the Christmas party which we had in the house. Now that Stacy has heat out there, I may move him out when he gets a couch!

We celebrated Easter in Atlanta with Anna -- taking the grandmas too! So glad we did, because it turned out it was Anna's last year in Atlanta! Zach proposed on April 18, and they got married on July 30 -- in Cancun, Mexico! So we had a wonderful week's vacation at Excellence Riveria Mya and got them hitched in the process!

I went to Italy in June with Dottie, one of my BFFs from Germantown, and Vicente Cortez! That was a wonderful 10 days touring in one of my favorite countries -- and food!

And some of the shorter trips -- Casey and Kate going with me to conferences in Perdido and SanDestin -- the family spending Thanksgiving at Casey and John's new home in Hartselle! (And my boss was beginning to wonder if I would ever run out of leave time!)

Health-wise, it's been a challenging year with my fall at the wedding and having a concusion -- my mom's knee problems and surgery just before Christmas -- and my shoulder continues to hurt. But luckily my head's okay (as okay as it can get) -- Mom is mending -- and I have an appointment for my shoulder.

We have been truly blessed! And, as Bro. Chris said in church this morning, I'm excited to see how God will use me this next year! Happy New Year!