Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Cupcake's Birthday

We spent the weekend celebrating our Kate's first birthday in Madison! I caught Kate's cold, but that's okay -- it was well worth it to get to kiss on that cute little face!

She still takes a while to warm up to us, but she smiled and waved (she's got that beauty queen wave down pat) at us when we arrived! If you can get her away from her mom and keep her occupied, she's pretty happy -- but one look at Casey, and she's gone!

Everything was "cupcakes" for her birthday, including cute little cupcake lights that Nanna Kaye got for the party! I got her the cupcake PJ's for Valentine's Day -- and she even had a "cupcake cake" (it's made from a silicone cake form I gave Casey for Christmas). And Casey made the smocked cupcake dress that she wore.

Kate actually handled all the attention and people very well, but she was so tired at the end of the day. All the families came -- and with friends, it got kind of crowded in the house! She loves the slide her PawPaw and I got her -- plus a few other things! But that's the fun of getting to be a grandparent -- spoiling the child! The parents can straighten her out later!

She's just beginning to walk -- and she loves anything Elmo (from Sesame Street). She got an Elmo talking phone, and she kept holding it out toward the TV like she was trying to turn on her Elmo DVD! If she points at the TV, that means "turn on Elmo!" She also loves books and got several as gifts. Probably her favorite gift was the Little People Farm Set great-grandma MawMaw got her! Her PawPaw loved that, and he let Kate play in the back of his truck

Her official birthday is the 24th, and we all wish her a wonderful first birthday and many more to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATER!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clear the Stage

This is a great song by Ross King -- and it makes you to think about your worship. Do we have too much noise in worship now? What happened to the time of silence to focus and wait on God? Clear the stage and get rid of all those idols we worship instead of God . . .

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, snow, snow . . . and Kate's frilly tee!

Kate's cute little birthday t-shirt came today (you know, the one I spent too much money on)! In fact, the mailman woke me up ringing the doorbell! It's just too precious! I can't wait to see her in it next weekend. It's hard to see, but it has her name embroidered on it, and the icing is a pink frilly tutu! It even came in its own pink cake box! Thanks for the suggestion of Pettiskirtstyle, Anna!

Casey says Kate's favorite thing to do now is throw food off her high chair -- and Cherokee sits right there to catch it! Ha! And they didn't want him begging at the table! It will be wonderful to see them next weekend for the big birthday bash! I only have a few things for her . . .
We got snow yesterday! We didn't get as much as they did just 40 miles above us -- but we did have a gound covering! It was great to see all the pictures of the snowmen everyone posted on Facebook! But the sun came out today; and although it's still cold, the snow is now gone. Maybe that's the best kind to have -- here for a day to enjoy, then gone tomorrow and back to normal. Seeing what they're going through in D.C., I wouldn't trade places with anyone -- even to be able to get snow more than once every 20 years!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Small Crowd . . . Good Show!

Bec and I went to a play Friday night at the Featured Players in Dothan -- Bell, Book and Candle. It's kind of a "laid back" type of place that has open mike night and music during the week. I had been there before with Tammie back in October. Instead of theatre seats, they have sofas and chairs that they've picked up from various places. Kind of cool and bohemian -- eclectic, like me!

I had emailed and made our reservations, and we got there about 15 minutes before the play was to start -- and we were the only ones there! I mean, we had a choice of seats! So, I thought, maybe everyone else is running late, and they'll come in a few minutes. But, no -- no one else -- except one guy . . . who was the boyfriend of one of the girls in the play!

So we took our seats . . . on the front row of course! At least I didn't have to worry about someone with a big head or hair sitting in front of me -- which always happens to me! We got our door prize tickets (good chance we might win)! And it's a really wierd feeling to be the only ones there!

The play was actually really good. All of the actors did an excellent job -- and they must have felt wierd too, playing to only three people -- on opening night! I had seen the movie before (Kim Novak, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon) and kind of remembered the plot. If Jimmy Stewart was in it, it can't be bad, can it? Here's the movie at Amazon.

It's a love story about a witch Gillian, her suave brother Nicky, her kooky aunt Queenie, a drunk author and, of course, the normal guy Shepard that Gillian falls in love with -- making her a witch no more! It even had a live cat! I was really getting into the story and enjoying the show. We clapped at intermission -- Bec won the door prize (two tickets to a future performance) -- and we gave a standing ovation at the end! It was hilarious!

But it's also really sad that they did all that preparation for just us! We're grateful, of course. I can only hope they had more the next night -- and will have even more as they play out for the month of February. We went because Bec's nickname at work is "Witchy" -- it's a long story for another time! But I look forward to more performances there and will go back. Maybe I should hope for a small crowd next time . . . so we can have those great front row seats again!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What grandparents won't do!

I've always heard that grandparents will do anything for their grandchildren. Well, I've just proven it. Never in a million years would I have bought a t-shirt for one of my children for $50! But I've done just that.

Of course, it's custom embroidered with a tu-tu cupcake on the front -- but really, $50? But Kate will look soooooo cute in it for her first birthday! (This isn't Kate, but it's the t-shirt!) Isn't it cute? From Pettiskirt Style online.

And I've bought plenty of cheaper things from Kohls and Target too! There are just so many cute clothes out there, it's hard to decide -- so I get several!

Casey says Kate took eight steps by herself yesterday and now has a tooth -- finally! The kid's been teething for months! I cannot wait to see her! We're going up the weekend before her birthday for the big bash!

In Style in town is going out of business, and I hate to see them leave. Such cute things in there, and now everything is 25-50% off. I bought so many cute pink bug things for Kate -- which she's too young for now, but I'll hang on to them to give her when she's old enough. And she doesn't just have kid things -- angels, purses, luggage, jewelry, notes -- great way to stock up on baby gifts!