Sunday, September 19, 2010

My New Spa

Ok, so our bathroom isn't exactly a spa -- and it is really tiny for a master bath. But to us, our remodel is a spa! Matt Rosser (Cutting Edge Construction) did a great job! Love the tiled shower (Dale Pitts, Pitts Floor Covering). I finally got it cleaned up enough for us to take a shower -- and I think I stayed in there for 30 minutes! We still have to hang the cabinet on the wall, but it's now in operation!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grandma CiCi's Firsts

I am blessed to be the benefactor of a couple of Kate's "firsts"! The fact that those firsts include "poo" is just a side bar!

The latest of those firsts was this weekend when I lovingly gave up my Auburn ticket to my daughter Casey (wasn't that sweet of me?) to get to babysit for my adorable granddaughter Kate! Ok, so maybe I wasn't so generous because it's a moot point. Kate will always trump Auburn!

So after tailgating with the fam (missed you, Anna and Zach!), Kaye and Mitchell (other grandparents) and I loaded up Kate in the truck and went to Dana and Lance's home (John's sister) and their two boys Lang and Landon. The kids had a blast destroying the house with toys and balls (Kate's favorite) and colors (Kate's second favorite). She also got a chance to color with "markers" (which her mom doesn't let her have)! They all played so good together, and Kate was absolutely worn out by the time the game was over.

But I digress! Back to my "first." For some time, Kate's been becoming aware when she needs to "poo." She's 18 months, so this is normal. One night she tried to tell her dad John when he was giving her a bath -- and they ended up with poo in the tub!

So we're enjoying the game and the kids are playing, and Kate comes up to me pulling at her pj's saying "poo." So we rush to the bathroom (with a kid-sized potty) and I strip her down and she sits on the pot for about 1 second, then jumps up and runs into the den only to pee on the floor! Bummer!

I clean that up and we get her dressed again, and she comes back pulling at her pj's in about 10 minutes. I think she's bluffing again and just wants to run around naked, so I put her off! Then she comes back in a minute in desperation pulling at her pj's and saying, "poo, poo!"

So here we go again to the bathroom, disrobe and she sits on the pot. Again, she jumps up, but in the process, out pops the "poo" into the potty! Scared her to pieces!! I tried to tell her it was a "good thing" and made a big deal of telling her how big she was. We wipe, put the poo in the big potty, and I asked her if she wanted to flush it away? Oooooh nooooo. She's scared of the big potty! Hopefully I didn't tramatize her too much . . . and she'll be pooing in the potty for good -- which would please her parents, since neither much like changing poopy diapers!

So, proud grandma CiCi got to experience Kate's first "poo in the potty" experience! I'm so proud! Maybe I'll start calling her "Kater Poo!"

And my other first poo experience? I changed her very first poo diaper when she was in the hospital! As long as I don't get known as the "poo grandma" I'll be okay! Any time I get to spend with Kate is wonderful . . . even if it's sitting on the potty!

(And she looked so cute in her little Auburn cheerleader suit CiCi and PawPaw got her!)