Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kate and the Wonder Horse

Kate, Casey and John were home this weekend for a short visit for Shera's baby shower (due in November) -- and we had a lot of fun with Kate! And Kate spread a lot of fun throughout the house! Casey found the old bouncy "Wonder Horse" in the attic and brought it down for Kate to ride on! And Kate made Casey ride on it too!

The Wonder Horse was my sister's that my mom said they bought when Susan turned two - so that would have been 1959. (Bought it so she wouldn't be jealous of my brother Walker, who was born in March of that year!) Does that make it - and me - an antique? Kate is fearless on it and looked like she was riding in the Kentucky Derby!

At the shower was Shera and soon-to-be-daughter Parker, Jill and daughter Sophie, Brooke and son Brody, Heather and daughter Luci, and Casey with Kate. So fun to see them all with their kids - and other than Kate trying to steal Brody's choo-choo, they all played well together! Sophie was so cute with her lemonade stand (that she charged $60 for her lemonade - no checks!)

Although it was over too soon, we enjoy our time with Kate. She loves to go look at the cows and to play outside -- and she loves any type of ball. We got to have some great "Oak Grove" shrimp (yes, it was really good) and lunch at MawMaw's today with Jessi and Nanny. (And fun with my friends Sat. morning going to the Holiday of Hope in Dothan and the Botanical Gardens Scarecrows exhibit!)